Oracle Code One 2018 Sessions

I've been to so many JavaOne conferences over the past 20 years, that it's hard to keep count. This year was different -- it's the first year since Oracle changed the name to Code One. Even though there were many sessions on non-Java technologies (including two of mine), it still felt a lot like the old JavaOne in terms of content, which is definitely a good thing. The overall feeling is different, though. I still miss the good old days of Sun's JavaOne, with beam bags, video games, and Office Space playing in the background. 

That era is gone, however, and even without the hipness of the old days, there is a lot of good content here, and it was great to see some old friends. I was pleased to present three sessions; the slides are now available on this site (and should be available through the Oracle site soon):

If you attended one of the sessions, thanks for coming! If not, feel free to check out the slides and drop me a line via the Contact Us page or @kito99 on twitter.